When you function well mentally, you are more likely to perform and be at your best. It is normal to find it hard to manage life and work at times, so looking at yourself as a person and understanding how to optimise your own mind is a great investment. These skills can be applied in all areas of life.

Psychological principles grounded in research are used to get results. Having someone to support and challenge you and hold you to account greatly increases positive changes in behaviour and mindset.

The program consists of six sessions, up to two hours per session. The sessions should ideally be face-to-face to get the best results.



This programme gives you a framework to help you understand who you are and how you want to be. It will teach you lifelong skills and techniques, so you can be clear on the outcomes you want in work and life and remove barriers to achieving them.

Following this programme with commitment can transform your life for the better by changing your thinking, emotions and behaviour in a positive and sustainable way. Outcomes achieved include:

  • embedding new and helpful thinking and behaving patterns that helped increase quality of life
  • working out a purpose in life and how you want to think and behave
  • getting the best out of relationships
  • keeping a positive approach during change
  • making decisions in tough situations
  • having challenging conversations
  • using the logical part of the brain on a more regular basis to help you gain perspective and be how you want to be
  • using the framework to regularly reflect on how you are doing and taking corrective action

The first 12 weeks will consist of:

  • three monthly face-to-face sessions
  • review of where you are now; Where do you want to be? What are the rewards and barriers?
  • plans to get there
  • review of progress.

Embedding habits

We will decide which habits you want to focus on for this 12 week period and use an app to track progress.

The app will be completed daily and reviewed weekly. This is a way of tracking behaviours you want to become automatic. The visual nature of the app helps to see progress.

Written feedback will be provided on the above to keep you on track.

The monthly review

The monthly face-to-face meetings are to help you to continue to develop your understanding of the framework and how it applies to you.

  • Review the 12 week plan outcome goals and check to see if they are on track​.
  • Review the weekly reflection diary and discuss progress​.
  • Review the goals and check relevance and if they are on track.

12 week review

  • Where you are now compared to the start of the process
  • Discuss any themes that have occurred.
  • Lessons to learn to keep improving the skills of mind management
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