We believe leaders have a massive impact on an individual and teams’ performance and state of mind. It is a privilege to lead others and developing effective leadership skills is vital for high performance and thriving.

Being a leader can be challenging, so having time to reflect and develop leadership philosophies and behaviours is essential . Broadhead Performance runs leadership development programmes designed to suit the experience of the individual or group. Attendees gain a greater understanding of themselves and those they lead during the process, with activities and reflection to complete between sessions.

Leadership Development Centres

The purpose of development centres is to help team members understand themselves better and to support them to develop.

There are 8 modules that leaders will be guided through, exploring mindsets, skills and behaviours.

Broadhead Performance helps people to understand their strengths and development needs, and provides a safe place to try out new thinking and behaviours.  We use actors to bring activities to life and practice techniques.

A variety of activities and exercises are used, alongside feedback, to help people develop an action plan. We help people to see the benefits of personal development – people have the same mind at work and at home, so we help people to develop in a holistic way.

Talent Management

Talent management seeks to attract, identify, develop, engage, retain and deploy people who are considered important to an organisation.

Assessment centres

Getting a person with the right skills, values and behaviour into a role is vital to your organisation’s success. One person can have a huge positive or negative impact on a team, so it is worth spending time getting it right to avoid problems.

Assessment centres help assess candidates’ suitability for a role, as they combine several exercises to test people using set criteria.

Broadhead Performance is experienced at designing and running creative and effective assessment centres across a range of sectors. They can be designed around existing competency frameworks or we can work with you to create one.

Psychometric Testing

Psychometric tests can help to build a picture of an individual and can be used in assessment and development situations.

Knowing the right test to pick can be difficult. Broadhead Performance is experienced at selecting the tests that will provide the most effective information and deciding how to use the information to best effect.

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