Jade Jones MBE – Double Olympic Gold Medallist

The client and their challenge

Jade is a Taekwondo fighter who represents Great Britain. Her challenge is to consistently perform at consecutive Olympic Games, managing pressure and expectation.

The project

We have worked closely with Jade and her coaches for two Olympic cycles, helping her to develop mental skills that enable her to consistently perform at major events.

We are now preparing for the goal of a third Olympic Gold at the Tokyo Olympic Games.

The outcome/benefits

Jade has developed a better understanding of how her mind works, and how she can deal with the demands of training and competing over a ten year period.


“I started working with Sarah in 2009 when I joined the Great Britain Taekwondo academy as a junior. We have worked together ever since and she has been instrumental in helping me achieve my gold medals in the most pressured environments of two Olympic Games, and all the competitions along the way.

Working with Sarah has helped me to be the best version of myself, to get the most out of training and competitions and enable me to have my mind in the right place to perform at my very best. She goes above and beyond and gets the best out of me. She has helped me understand myself better and manage the expectation that I felt after the London Olympic Games. She holds me to account and works with my taekwondo coach to ensure we work in the best way possible.”