The organisation wanted to help people feel supported and increase their resilience, and also help spot if someone else was struggling.

I asked the employees to complete a questionnaire to look at:

  • Their own levels of wellbeing
  • How comfortable they are talking to someone if they are finding things hard and where they would go
  • How able they feel to spot if someone else is struggling mentally
  • How able they feel to know what to do if they spotted it

I then designed a series of workshops to help break down the stigma of talking to someone about your mental health, using examples of role models they could relate to who have been open. We discussed why people might find it hard to talk and how to spot signs in others. I showed them the internal and external pathways for support. Small discussion groups were held to teach mind management skills, to be proactive rather than reacting to difficulties people may have at a later point. This covered topics such as switching off at night, sleep, managing your energy and managing stress.

I also worked with the leadership team to look at ways they could improve wellbeing as an organisation. I helped the leaders to look at their style and approaches to assess the impact it was having on the team.

We were able to work with the HR manager to look at flexible working practices. Sessions on mindfulness and relaxation were put on and a massage therapist was made available.

I facilitated the team to come up with ideas and they suggested a 3 peaks challenge walk they could do together.

During the project I found that people came forward and asked for help when they said they wouldn’t have done before. This enabled them to get the right support to keep them in a good place.  People also reported feeling better equipped to manage their own and others mental health and knew where to go for support.